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How to get the same high efficiency as it on datasheet?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADP5091
Software Version: none


I am working on a PV cell energy harvest chip, and transfer efficiency of the ADP5091 cannot reach even 50%. We manage to measure Vin, Iin(pin: VIN), Vout and Iout(pin: REG_OUT) to calculate  the efficiency. When Vin is about 0.5V(typical voltage of single PV cell), and Vout has been set at 3.3V, the efficiency of it come to only 30%, which is far from that on datasheet.

Here's my question:

1.figure 11 on datasheet. What's the difference of  "INPUT VOLTAGE" and "Vin" ? And how does INPUT VOLTAGE reach 100V high?

2.the same figure. I'd like to learn the right way to calculate the efficiency at Y_axis of ADP5091. And how to get the highest transfer efficiency of ADP5091? We tried 10Ohm~20kOhm load, but nothing help. It is only 30%.

Thank you for reading.