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LTC4020 Shorting input + output

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC4020

We are using an LTC4020 as a charger for a 12s lipo battery but in a slightly strange topology. V+ is allowed to float between 20 and 50v and the battery is only connected when necessary. When the relay is closed, connecting the battery to V+, the input and output of the LTC4020 are being shorted together. We have tested this circuit with V+ from 20 - 50v and it works perfectly when the relay shown to the left is open/off and the battery is separate from v+. What will be the behavior of the LTC4020 when it's input and output are shorted, both when SHDN is high and low? The plan is to keep SHDN low, turn off the LTC4020, when the relay is closed and only use the charging circuit when the relay is open. We just need to determine if damage will occur if the timing of all the switching states is off.

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    Upon consulting the expert on this product, 

    When SHDN is low all switches in the charger circuit is off. I don’t see any problem to connect battery to the input…