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Models for Power Integrity analysis of LTC3866EUF and LT8640EUDC switching regulators.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC3866EUF , LT8640EUDC

Hi we are using LTC3866EUF and LT8640EUDC switching regulators. We need to carry Power Integrity analysis using third part simulation tools. Please provide/path for VRM Source models, DC sink models, AC models for carrying out DC drop and Plane noise analysis.

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    We do not have models of the LTC3866 or LT8640 which can be exported to a third party tool. However, both parts can be modeled with either LTspice or LTpowerCAD. LTspice is a high performance, real time circuit simulator with schematic capture and a waveform viewer.  LTpowerCAD is a complete design tool. It provides component recommendations, Bode plots, load step response, efficiency and more. 

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