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Digital thermoelectric cooler controller - LT8722

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT8722

Hello i have several questions about LT8722 :

- Is this component can be daisy-chain?

- Can we increase the efficiency at low load current (<1.5A)?

- Is there a minimum load current?

We have to regulate some TEC with these specifications :

- 3.3V max and 1.2A max

- 1.45V max and 0.8A max

- 3.8V max and 1.4A max

- 1.3V max and 1A max

Do you recommend to use LT8722, ADN8834 or LTM4663? We need to have a digital regulation with the best stability.

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  • Hi  ,

    Thanks for reaching out. In your given TEC specifications, I find the ADN8834 suitable, considering also the solution cost. The LT8722 has SPI comms to set the TEC voltage and current limits…

  • Hi  ,

    In addition, there is ADN8833 which is basically the ADN8834 without the chopper amp 1. This part is intended for digital control application of the ADN8834. But, kindly double check the…

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