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LTM4632 Parallel Configuration

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTM4632
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I'm using  LTM4632 dc/dc converter to supply the DDR4 of our design. In order to provide enough power to the DDR4, we chose to put two LTM4632 in parallel with the LTC6902 for the frequency synchronization.  

On the datasheet, page 12 is recommended to tie RUN, TRACK/SS1, FB and COMP of each LTM4632 for parallel configuration. On Page 23, figure 22 shows the circuit application for parallel configuration. The problem is that here the Track/SS1 pins are not connected , and on each TRACK/SS1 pin there no 0.1uF capacitor connected. Which is the right configuration that has to be used?

Thanks in advance

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