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Power Loss Multiplicative Factors in LTM4643

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTM4643 LTM4676A

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to find out the LTM4643 efficiency when DC-DC is operating in ambient temperature above 80 deg.

Find out that the following Power Loss Multiplicative Factors in LTM4676A datasheet

With this table, we can estimate the power loss from Room temperature power loss detail:


Temperature Power loss = Room temperature loss x Multiplicative factor.

 Similar to LTM4676A, Multiplicative factor is advised in LTM4643 datasheet as well. However, the table above is not provided in LTM4643 datasheet


Might I know if this Power Loss Multiplicative Factors table value can apply in all uModule DC-DC application.

So that, I shall apply Multiplicative Factors in LTM4643.

Or else, appreciate if ADI can advise how to estimate the efficiency above 80 deg. Could we simulate in LTspice?

 Appreciate your advice in advance.

Thank you.


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