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What is the Vout max of the LT3045?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LT3045

Dear Sirs,

the LT3045 Datasheet on the title page in the Features section is showing: Output Voltage Range: 0V to 15V.
On the Demo Manual of the SCP-LT3045-1-EVALZ board it is reported that the LT3045 can supply an output voltage, maximum, of 19.5V.
I am confused: why on the Datasheet Vmax is 15V while the SCP-LT3045-1-EVALZ demo board provides 19.5V?
Could you kindly clarify the matter for me?

Thank you very much in advance for your kind reply.

  • Hi,

    The datasheet overrides what is defined on the Demo manual of the SCP-LT4045-1-EVALZ. Maximum Vout is 15V for LT3045. The demo manual will be modified to correct this.


  • Hello Sir,

    So the Datasheet is right while the SCP-LT4045-1-EVALZ manual is wrong, as I thought.

    Thanks for your prompt reply, I really appreciate it.



  • Dear Anthony,

    You say "The datasheet overrides what is defined on the Demo manual..."

    Is this really your way of saying there's an error in the demo manual? If so, then that's very odd communication I think.

    Also, if the error in the demo manual came to light to an Analog employee eight months ago, then why didn't the demo manual get updated as of yet? This way it almost looks like you like to keep your customers confused.
    I run a business myself. If one of my customers would spot an error in my manual, then that manual gets updated that very same day.
    I think it would be appropriate if someone who works for Analog would react to this.

    Btw: I'm not replying to this topic just for the sake of arguing. I was actually looking into the LT3045 as a 16Vout regulator for an upcoming commercial product. That's how I stumbled upon the unconformity between the LT3045-1 datasheet and the SCP-LT3045-1-EVALZ demo manual myself. Just like the original poster.



  • Dear Henkie,
    I am not surprised...
    In April 2019 I was prototyping an Electronic gearshift for a go-kart and I bought from DigiKey a couple of EV-VN7003ALH boards (made by ST) to check if the single channel high-side driver VN7003ALH could manage a 12V/400W power solenoid.
    Well, before powering up the board, I discovered discrepancies between the pcb that I had before my eyes, and the schematic in the Datasheet. Pins number 6 and 14 of connector J3 were isolated. The T-block J2 on the board was not connected. A terminal of a 10nF capacitor was soldered to gnd while the other was connected to nothing. The online datasheet has not been updated as of yet after reporting these unconformity to ST four years ago...