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LT3571 used as 60V @ <100mA DC Power Supply

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT3571

Hello,  I need to provide a nominal 50V DC supply to a device with <100mA of load current.  I have only max 10V supply available.  Can the LT3571 Boost converter be used in this (non-APD) application?  Looking through the available documents there are no references to non-APD usage and I was concerned that the Vout may not be a clean DC voltage source, but rather a pulsed type of signal.

Thanks much!, Pat

  • Hello,

    the LT3571 will fall short when output power exceeds its possible input power. Given a peak current limit of 370mA(worst case minimum) and your 10V input supply you end up with roughly 50mA maximum output current at 50V output voltage. Rule of thumb is 2/3 of IPeak*VIN is available as output power.

    The more modern and newer LT8361 would be my recommendation for your application.

  • Thank you Markus!  This is exactly what I am looking for.  So I should be able to just tap off of Vout for my 50V@50mA Max PS?  Do I need to do anything special with the APD pin (since I am not using it)?  I will look at the LT8361 as well.  Appreciate the help! ... Pat