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same as LTC4370 but with higher input voltage

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC4370


I would like to current share between number of power supplies that can vary between 1/2 or 3.

Current must be divided equally between all the available ones.

a cascade connection of multiple ltc4370 should be perfect beside the fact that our supply voltage is 48V.

there's any chance i can use that very part to reach my goal ?

Are there any different parts to do this task ?

In case you haven't a solution... what should be the next best approach using parts from your catalogue ?



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  • thanks for the hint,

    but the parts listed are not intended to be configured to "share" a load.

    i need something that can handle ~48v, while keeping current balance between two (or more) rails.

    Something that can account for voltage differences on the output setpoint of the two (o rmore) power sources.

  • Hi mbra,

    The LTC4357 has load sharing capability.

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