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DC2583A (LT4294) does not supply enough power to the load

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT4294

I've arranged the DC2583A (LT4294) and DC2660A as DCDC (LT8646S) boards as shown:

Then I've connected the SW-525 PoE switch + 48V/100W Power Supply and an electronic load for the LT8646S 5V output.

  • Jumper selection are set to JP11 and JP12 (40W PD Class 5)
  • PoE Auxiliary input is not used (left unnconnected)
  • LT4294 PWRGD is connected to LT8646S EN enable pin

The problem is I'm not able to get 5V@8A (40W) from the whole system as expected. In my case the maximum power I can deliver to the load is 22W. Why?

Any help from ADI support?