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LT7182S Output Voltage Setpoint

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LT7282S


In the datasheet for the LT7182S, there is a table (Table 2) for the various resistor settings for the output voltage setpoint. However, I want to use the LT7182S for a 2V and 4V power rail, neither of which are Table 2. So I simply graphed out "Resistor Value" vs "Output Voltage Set Point" in Table 2 (it's non-linear). Then I just 'eyeballed' what resistor value for 2V  (gray dot on curve) and 4V (orange dot on curve) fall on the curve. Can ADI confirm this is valid? Also, is there a closed form equation for Vout vs. R_config that would be a more exact way of setting Vout?

See pic below. (Unfortunately, this tool shrinks up the jpg pic, which makes it very hard to read. So I also attached it as PDF to get around this.)





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