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LTC2972 without control the voltage of DCDC

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC2972

I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

Our customer use LTC2972 to monitor the current and the voltage of DCDC and not to control the voltage of DCDC.

Can LTC2972 be connected to DCDC without FB and Trim pins?

Can VDAC output pin be open?

Best regards


  • Hi Kokubo-san,

    Yes, the 2972 DAC pin may be left floating.  They should also consider the following configuration settings.

    On channels that are monitor/supervise only and use VOUT_EN to enable the channel:
    - Configure OPERATION register to ‘On’ (0x80)
    - Configure ON_OFF_CONFIG to a value of 0x1E (respond to both PMBus and CONTROL pin)
    - Configure the DAC mode to ‘disconnected’ (in MFR_CONFIG)

    The Vout OV and UV supervisors are still operational, so they should set the OV/UV limits that are appropriate for the nominal Vout voltage.


  • Hi Mike-san,

    Thank you for your advice.

    Should we only write 0b01 to MFR_CONFIG_LTC2972[5:4] for DAC mode ‘disconnected ’?

    Best regards


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