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LTC4411 used as a 2.5A li-ion cell charger

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC4411

Dear friends.

I have the possibility of buying LTC4411 (here in Madagascar we don't have lot of components options). We need to build a multicharger for testing, independently, several 5Ah li-ion cells, from different suppliers. We are not sure if we can use LTC4411 as a 2.5A single cell charger. having 5V as the voltage supply, and charging at 2.5A max (0.5C of the cells). Is this possible? Is LTC441 managing constant current/constant voltage charge by itself?


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  • Thanks a lot for the answer, Aaron. I had the doubt and I have been thinking into other options. Finally we bought small DC/DC with regulated current, for each cell, with the idea of fast charging just until 4.2V (that will be around 85% of charge). In that way we can do lot of charge/discharge cycles during few months and see how they degrade, to decide which cells we will choose.

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