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power umodule

Category: Software
Product Number: LTM80xx


I am looking for a power umodule which can able to fulfil the spec requirements as follows:

  • Vin – 7.5V – 12.6V 
  • Vin2 – 10.5V – 18V
  • Vout – 13.5V
  • Output current – 5.5A maximum, 2A continuous
  • Operating temperature =  -20°C to +50°C
  • Package – BGA
  • Any other/special features – Reverse Polarity Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Voltage / Under Voltage Protection, In-Rush Current Protection

Was considering on LTM8054 and I can see the output current limited to 1.8A at 85°C, is that correct?

Let say if the Vin from the battery may drop to min 7.5V when the charge is nearly depleted, does the output current still able to supply 1.8A?

If the maximum operating temperature is around +50°C