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LT8364EMSE does not work with 2MHz

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT8364EMSE#PBF

Hi everyone,

We are evaluating LT8364EMSE, but it's not work as I expected.

Where we expected it to run at 2MHz, it only ran at 1MHz.

We was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation and solved it. 

If anyone out there does, any information would be appreciated!

We arranged the recommendation circuit like below that is included in the datasheet of LT8364.

<Result of recommendation circuit>

・Stabilized output voltage of 12 V at input voltages from 8 to 14 volts, operating at about 1 Mhz.

・When the output current was varied from 0 to 600mA with constant register mode of electronic load device, it was possible to stably extract from 0 to about 500 mA, but the output voltage began to drop from about 560 mA.

・There was no significant fluctuation in the load-side DC current when the voltage began to drop, and the switching waveform appeared to be operating at a duty corresponding to the output voltage.

・We tried sync/mode grounded and ungrounded, neither runs at 2MHz but 1MHz.

<additional adjustment #1>

・Since the oscillation frequency was half speed, assuming that the protection circuit of the IC might be working due to the inductor saturation, we changed the 2.2uH inductor to 3.3uH(*), but the oscillation frequency remained at 1MHz with no significant change

*L1 and L2 were both changed. Also, R2=154K, R4=15K, and C4=3.3nF remained.

<additional adjustment #2>

・We changed the 20KΩ for frequency setting to a smaller one for the purpose of increasing the frequency and LT8364 was damaged.

Thank you.