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LT8316 Output Instability Problem

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT8316



Iam working 140VDC-70VDC range input 24V/1.5A range output DC-DC converter for railways application.


The circuit should give 24VDC/1.5A output in the 140VDC-70VDC input voltage range.


There is almost no output voltage variation at light load but at 1.5 A load, the output voltage is 24.20V at 140VDC and 23.68V at 70VDC.
There were distortions in the gate signal at low load. I solved the light load ripple problem by putting a 33nf capacitor on the IREG/SS pin and putting a 3.9nF capacitor between the input and output of the transformer.


I am using a two layer pcb. How can ı design the PCB?


I have voltage fluctuation problem at high load. How can I solve this?

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