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LT8210 Burn out the mosfet

Category: Software
Product Number: lt8210

Dear ADI:

    I use lt8210 for buck boost charger for battery , But now I use 2.5mΩ RSENSE series to inductor for sample inductor current , And my inductor saturation current about 30A , When input is 39V, output is 54.7V, LT8210 work in boost state and CCM mode ,Then the MOSFET A  and C  is burn out , Maybe Overcurrent  and inductor saturation, But i Check the datasheet page 5 about "Cycle-by-Cycle Inductor Current Limiting" ,The give message is that "VSNSP1 – VSNSN1 = 50mV"  If 50mV is correct , When I use 2.5mΩ Rsense , The Maximum current  just only 20A , I wanna know the VSNSP1 – VSNSN1= 50mV is right or not ,TKS!