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LT3032--output voltage not correct

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT3032

I am using the LT3032 in a design with a +/-15.5V input and a +/-15V output.  I have 2 identical circuits on my board--one of them is outputting the correct voltages, while the other is outputting +14.6V/-13V.  Do you have any clues as to why this would be happening?  Also, I had initially made a mistake on the circuit and connected a capacitor between BYPP/BYPN and the input instead of the output--when these caps were installed (we removed them when we found the issue), it caused the boost converter ahead of it to go into overcurrent hiccup mode.  Without knowing the internals of the LT3032, I'm not quite sure why this happened--can you give me some insight on this (mostly out of curiosity, since we already identified the issue)?  Thanks!