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Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC4266AIUHF

Dear Sir,

The LTC4266 controller does not work properly, so the PD is not properly supplied with power, or PoE Link does not attach even if the power is supplied.

The peculiarity is that if the controller is software reset, it will operate normally again.(Approximately once every 200 times)

Could you advice me about issue? it is software or H/W issue?

Application : DAS Repeater Digital Board

Best Regards,

  • "Link" is not a term used in PoE.  Have your read the LTC4266 datasheet?  Please refer to the document for an overview of the detection and power on of a device.  What you describe does not indicate the LTC4266 is working properly; it could very well be avoiding power to a faulty or incompatible PD which is what a valid PSE should do.

    1) Have you tried using an alternate PD, preferably one that is Ethernet Alliance (EA) certified?

    2) Are you running the PSE in AUTO pin high mode?  This mode is useful to determine if the hardware is correct.  If a valid PD is powering up properly, then a software configured system could be incorrectly configured via software.