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Regulator Recommendation

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I need a regulator (buck boost?) that can handle an input voltage of at least 3-8.4V.  Currently, the input will be one LiPo cell (3.7V) but might become two in series (7.4V) in the future.  It is used to drive 3 BDC motors.  Generally, the motors can draw up to 2.5A together but I have seen short bursts >4A.  The output voltage should be able to be at least 6V.  Do you have any recommendations? (I came across the LTC3785EUF-1 myself.  Looks like something like that may work?)

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May 16, 2022 +1 verified

Hello, The part looks good. You can also see LT3120/LT8392. My advice would be to use LTPowerCAD or refer to the datasheet to help you design your regulator and then simulate the design through LTSpice…