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LT3480 low power operation

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT3480


I am designing a power converter with 18-36VIN, 3.3Vout, 0.05A Ioutmax. Due to the shortages of parts, i am looking at using the LT3480 device which is rated for much higher current as it is available for purchase at Digikey. When i perform the design calculations for the inductor at my lower Ioutmax of 0.05A, i get a very high inductor value 207uH compared to the 4.7uH that is on the datasheet's application examples. My question is that if i use the 4.7uH inductor that is on the application examples with my lower Ioutmax will it cause any issues? Is there a minimum output current that must be supplied by the LT3480 in order for it to operate properly?



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