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Strike LTC3307A with a voltage > 6V

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC3307A


Three questions:

LTC3307A is a buck converter and is specified as a 5V, 3A part.
1. Does it mean it can deliver 15W of Pout?

At another part in the Datasheet, a ref design shows output as 1.2V @3A 
2. Does it mean its output power is 3.6W?

I have used it as a buck going from 5V to 3V.
As part of my analysis, I need to hit Vin with a voltage higher than its Absolute Maximum Value, which is 6V.
In LTspice, I have used a PWL source as Vin, which starts at 5V and later it hits 10V.

After simulation, no change happens, i.e. Vin =10V & Vout =3V.

3. Does it mean the part can work when Vin = 10V?

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