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Ship mode after charging LTC4124

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC4124


I would like to place the LTC4124 in Ship Mode after charging, as I only use the wireless charging capabilities of the IC. I would like to eliminate the 28uA consumed in Ideal Diode Mode, as my circuit is powered (and protected) in a different way.

The datasheet mentions:

Ship mode activates when a 1.5V (± 100mV) DC voltage
is simultaneously applied to both the DCIN and the ACIN
pins while the LTC4124 is in ideal diode mode (the bat -
tery is supporting the VCC voltage at or above the battery
disconnect voltage VBAT_LBDIS).

In this answer, the following is mentioned: "For the part to enter ship mode, ACIN and DCIN has to be above 1.5V simultaneously. Simply put a diode between VCC and DCIN, with the anode side connecting to DCIN".

I simulated the circuit in LTspice, but I cannot get the part to go in Ship Mode with the diode connected, or both ACIN and DCIN (far) above 1.5V. It seems only to work with aproximately 1.5V on those pins. Could you please elaborate a bit on how to tackle this issue?

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