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POSITIVE-TO-NEGATIVE CONVERTER from LT1766 datasheet usable with LT8620

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT8620

I use the positive-to-negative convertor schematic from out of the LT1766 datasheet to produce a -5Volt power (together with a + 5Volt power from another 1766).
Now I have to redesign my application and I'am thinking to switch to the LT8620.
My question is if I can use the same positive-to-negative schematic together with the LT8620?
Input is from 9 -36 volt,  output is -5Volt  (and + 5 volt)  current up to 400 mA

  • Thanks for application of LT8620.

    When switching to LT8620, most of the circuits are the same. The difference is that LT8620 does not need the external diode and the frequency of LT8620 can be set with the RT pin to a much higher value. for example 2MHz, so a smaller inductor can be selected. The bias pin is recommended to be connected to the IC GND.

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