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About single output 20A in LTpowerCAD of LTM4646


I would like to use it with a single output / 20A of LTM4646.
I want to design using LTPowerCAD, but I couldn't put the channels together in LTM4646.
Since I was able to combine channels with LTM4668A, I think that LTM4646 does not support it.

If you have data that supports single output with LTM4646, I would be grateful if you could share it.

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  • This picture you attached is just a guide on how to parallel modules/devices and not outputs. Each LTM4646 has two outputs in one device which can be connected together to make a 2-phase design (see Figure 19 on page 29 of the datasheet).

    If two LTM4646 are connected in parallel with all outputs tied together, that would be a 4-phase design (see Figure 20 on page 30 of the datasheet).