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lt3580 boost

I used the LT3580 to set up the circuit to boost to 90V. According to the typical application in the datasheet, out1 and OUT2 in the simulation should have corresponding output, but in fact they are only 12V. I don't know which part of the connection should be modified.

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Can you send your simulation file?



  • Hello,

    I tried simulation again yesterday and found that I can simulate 90V voltage by removing the "Start external DC supply Voltages at 0V" in transient simulation. I'm still not sure what effect this “startup” condition has on emulation.

    This is my simulation file3580_boost_90V.asc


  • Hi,

    Apologies for late response. Please increase your simulation time to 10ms. When you start the DC supply at 0V, the capacitor on SS pin takes time to charge too.

    The output ramps up from 15V to 95V at around 7ms. Using a lower SS capacitor, this ramp-up takes place earlier.

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