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Multi uPower Module design (LTM4678, LTM4675)


My customer are considering to use Multi uPower Modules.

And they need Power sequencing about Multi uPower Modules.

Q1) Would you review their schematic design in attached file?

        They will use 3 LTM4675s & 3 LTM4678s.

              1). One LTM4678 is single output. (1V, 50A)

               2) Two LTM4678s are dual output. (3.3V,1.0V 50A / 1.5V,1.0V,50A)

               3)  All LTM4675s are dual output. ( 1.5V,2.5V/9A/1.5V,1.0V,9A/3.3V,1.5V,9A)


Please check attached files and let me know your review opinions.



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