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Use LTC7149 in parallel

I have high current requirement for -5V output from 12V input, and also sync clock requirement. It was recommended by ADI that by parallel LTC7149 is OK to satisfy my requirement, as below.

Now I was wondering if it's possible to simulate this in LTSpice, also want to check bode plot of this parallel application. Would you please advice how to simulate to get the bode plot, and choose suitable compensation components?Thanks.

12V to -5V/8A should be no problem with 3pcs of LTC7149 in parallel.

  1. parallel 3 phases by connecting VIN, VOUT, system GND together.
  2. Parallel all IC’s ISET, ITH, VOUT-, SVOUT-, VOUTSNS, RUN, GND pin to each other. If you are using PGOOD, PGDFB, EXTVCC, VINREG, please also interconnect them.
  3. Apply SYNC signal to MODE/SYNC pin of each IC.

Lump ITH compensation network together. You can cap value times 3 and resistor value divide by

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