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Can ADP2107 handle 2.15A burst load?

I see that the peak current minimum value of ADP2107 is 2.6A. So for a GSM modem based application where the surge current is 2.15A for approx 0.5ms every 4.5ms, otherwise less than 0.8A.
In this case can an inductance value of say 2.7uH prevent peak current from hitting the 2.6A limit with (ΔIL/2 + Imaxload)?
So essentially the question is can a surge load described of 2.15A be handled by ADP2107?
Thanks, Prithvi

  • Hi Prithvi,

    Thank you for your interest in using the ADI parts in your application. May i know why you choose ADP2107 instead of newer, simpler (internally compensated) but cheaper ($1.25 vs $1.5) part like ADP2119? The ADP2107 and ADP2119 were both can support your requirements regarding the burst load of 2.15A. I've done some simulation for the ADP2119 and the peak inductor current is slightly above 2.4A for a 1.5uH inductor and you can increase the inductor further to have higher margin if you like. Unfortunately there is no LTSpice model for the ADP2107 for us to check but I believed that the behavior will not far from what the ADP2119 is getting.

    ADP2119 with 1.5uH Inductor

    Thanks and regards,


  • Thanks a lot Jeff for the verification. ADP2107 was more interesting for its lower Iq.

    Regards, Prithvi

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