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Schematic review of LTM4678 & LTM4675 and some questions


My customer will use LTM4678 & LTM4675 in hersystem.

And now she is drawing a schematic per component before drawing whole schematic.

So she requests your review about her schematic.

1) Please review her attached schematic let me know your opinions.

( U11 (LTM4678) is single output with 5V Vin, 1V Vout and 50A Iout.

  U16 (LTM4678) is dual output with 5V Vin, 1V Vout/3.3V Vout, 25A Iout/25A Iout

 U4 (LTM4675) is  dual output with 5V Vin, 1.5V Vout/2.5V Vout, 16A Iout/ 16A Iout.)



2) She will use 3 ea of LTM4678 & 3 ea of LTM4675, so shee needs power on sequencing methods for these 6 ea uModules. (Actually about total 11 ea of outputs).

   (power on seqnencing method on multi-chip operations)

    Would let me know how to make power on sequence?

     (Including Voltage-based sequncing / Time-based sequencing / Using GUI tool)

    If it can be programmed using GUI tool, plese let me know more detailed method.)

3) Purpose of TSSN pin.

   If she will use TSSN pin for checking junction temoerature, does she need connect additional TRs at TSSN pin?


4) Would you let me know the meaning and usage of LKGPWR in J13 (Fusing connector)?

5) Do you suggest values of C (comph/ compl) of LTM4678  at using single phase operation and at dual phase operation?

Please advise me.



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