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LTM8074 LTPowerCAD Model Issue


I've recently started using LTPowerCAD and found a discrepancy that's either with me or the tool (model). The design is straightforward: create a 3.3V supply with 750mA of output current capability from a 5V input using the LTM8074. LTPowerCAD very quickly allowed me to simulate it, tweak the feedback capacitors to get a good transient response and then export it to LTSpice. During the low-load 100mA condition, the "Iout, iL (A)" current is shown as oscillating between about +375mA and -180mA which averages out to about 100mA - all good and demonstrating what I understand to be continuous conduction mode (CCM) providing a faster recovery when the load reduces from 750mA to 100mA (at 100A/us).

However, in LTSpice the CCM doesn't happen and the LTM8074 datasheet mentions that "The LTM8074 does not operate in forced continuous mode regardless of SYNC signal." nor do I see any mention that the component actually supports CCM.

Is there a way to activate CCM that I'm just not seeing or is there a boo-boo in the model or is there some other way to achieve that same good voltage response to current transients?

Thanks in advance.