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LT3743 control compensation


We've been using the LT3743 for several years now. I'm reviewing the circuit design, and I noticed that the formula on p.20 of the datasheet doesn't work - or maybe I'm misreading it somehow.

Rc = fs * L * 1000V / (Vo * Rs) (I tried to copy/paste from the PDF file, but the result was unreadable; the next couple lines are copy/paste)

where fS is the switching frequency, L is the inductance
value, VIN is the input voltage and RS is the sense resistor.

I assumed "1000V" meant 1000 * VIN, If I plug in values from the top line of Table 6, I get 450kohms, but the table says 47.5kohms. So it's off by an order of magnitude. Is there a typo in the formula?



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