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LTM4668A INTVCC in polyphase


LTM4668A datasheet P.7 says that FB pins for all slave channels  is connected to INTVCC  in PolyPhase operation.

INTVCC of LTM4668A is 5V output LDO  but my input specification is 5V.

So INTVCC output may be under 5V.

In that case,  ,is there any problem  that I connect INTVCC to FB pins (slave)  ? 

In Datasheet P.20 Figure 15 and 16 circuit, input voltage is under5V but LTM4668A is used in polyphase.

So I think that I can connect INTVCC to FB(slave ) even if INTVCC is under 5V.

Is my understanding correct ?



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