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LT8491 - Current sense and resistor in series


I have noticed that there might be some conflicting information between the LT8491 and LT8705 and I am not sure how much it matters. The LT8705 indicates that there should not be any resistors in series on the line CSxIN and CSxOUT while the LT8491 (figure 17) suggest to add a RC filter RS1 RS2 to reduce noise.

Can you please clarify this ?

Thank you,


  • Hello,

    as these are two different parts you talk about two different building blocks. The similar building block of the LT8705 which might use filter resistor is the inductor current sensing (pins CSP, CSN).

    The snippet from LT8705 datasheet which you refer to relates to input and output current monitoring(CSPIN, CSNIN and CSPOUT, CSNOUT) . Here the description why no series resistor are allowed is clear and correct.

    Further details on the different current sensing schemes are listed in the datasheet and the parameter section as well.

  • Hello,

    Yes of course I understand it is two different datasheets, the LT8491 calls out the LT8705 datasheet for getting more details on how to configure the buck/boost converter and for that specific section the two datasheets were conflicting. All good I will proceed with filter. Thank you!

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