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LT8490 low power mode below VIN=10V?

The LT8490 datasheet clearly states a minimum SOLAR input voltage of 10V (with low power mode enabled) or 6V (without low power mode) - datasheet page 16.

My question is:
Is it possible to supplement Vin (or some other pin? maybe LDO33?) to achieve a lower minimum panel voltage requirement while maintaining low power mode capability? The datasheet description of "Optional Low Power Mode" (page 29) doesn't explain where the 10V minimum start-up voltage comes from or why it exists. 

For comparison, the LTM8054 datasheet describes how to supplement power to enable operation below the minimum input voltage:

Is there anything similar for the LT8490?

For completeness, my application uses a 7.3Vpmax solar panel to charge a 2S Lipo battery and I would like to use low power mode on the LT8490.