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LTM4625 Power Good Indicator

Page 2 of the LTM4625 datasheet, Rev. D, states that the Absolute Maximum Rating of the PGOOD signal is -0.3V to INTVcc.  Because the PGOOD signal is an open-drain output , as described on page 6, it seems to me that the Absolute Maximum Rating for the PGOOD output is not correctly specified.  How can the Absolute Maximum Rating for an output depend on a voltage generated inside the device?  Note that page 3 of the datasheet states that VINTVCC is some voltage between 3.1V and 3.3V. 

In any case, I have a design with 4 of these devices.  I would like to tie all 4 PGOOD outputs together, and then pull them up using a single 10K ohm pull-up resistor to some voltage (called Vpull-up).  Can Vpull-up originate from a +3.3V source that is independent from the 4 LTM4625 devices?

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