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LT3050 output current limit

I designed a LT3050 LDO with 5V in, 3.4Vout, 6mA Iout limit, 20kohm connected at Imon and Imax, Imin left float.

The Imax can be measured to be at 600mV, the real output current (measured with an external ammmeter) was not limited to 6mA, but kept on forcing current up to passed 100mA. I thought Imax pin is to provide true output current limit, or was I mistaken?

Anyone experienced the same issue?

Hi tngo,

As stated in the datasheet on page 13. To set a current limit, you must connect a resistor between the Imax pin and GND.

Furthermore, stated in page 14 that Imax should be tied to GND when not used. It is not advisable then to float the pin. Thank you.