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LT3752-1 75V-150V Input, 24V/14A

We are planning to use LT3752-1 in one of our projects BEL and RCI.

Input voltage is 100V

Output Voltage 24V

Output current 14A.

 We also seen one application as below, and we planned to use this in our application.

Please provide technical details of transformer and provide us technical contact person for this application.

Please the Provide us one Evaluation board for this application.





 1. is it possible to 400W converter using Active clamp converter with following input and output specifications using this IC

input voltage 80-100V   (Mostly 100V fixed)

Output voltage 24V 14A.

2. As I seen the application presented in Datasheet , please provide me design details for above application so that I can use for same my application.