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Using the LTC3785 with higher input voltage

We've currently designed 2 power supplies using the LTC3785 that works off a input supply of 5 - 8.2V and outputs 5V and another that outputs 3.3V.

Unfortunately the input voltage range has changed to 5 - 20V, this pushes it outside the spec of the LTC3785 where the max input voltage is 10V. We don't have the resources or timeframe to evaluate a new solution so are looking at ways of making our system work with this new input range.

From looking at the block diagram and application of the LTC3785, would it be possible to fit and LDO to the Vin pin?

Would Fitting a Potential divider to the Isvin, SW1 & Issw pin also allow compatibility with this input range?

which part of the IC is susceptible to input voltage being higher than 10V?

Is there any other advise you can give so it could operate off a higher input votlage?

Many thanks,

Chris W

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