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LTC7149 & DC2354 spec clarify


I have one question about Vout range for LTC7149.
In LTC7149 datasheet, the output range is shown as 0V to -28V in page 1 Features, 
and the absolute maximum rating for GND pin reference to Vout- is also 28V max. 

But in LTC7149 EVB DC2354A manual, it claimed that output could be as low as -60V.
The 'User Select' option is just a jumper connect to a resistor slot. 
I've checked Vout-/VoutSNS/GND and related circuit in DC2354A schematic, 
but I can't find any level-shift or attenuate design that may help with GND-to-Vout- limit. 
Did I miss anything ?