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LT3999 Sim failure

I am getting a simulation failure @ N029. It may be related to over current. 

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  • Hi my company policy forbids my from publishing any design files. I can describe the circuit in this text.....

    2 stage converter 17V input -> LT8609S converter ( RT 86.6K, SS 1u ) -> 10u inductor, feedback to gen 15.7V -> 30uF -> LT3999 push-pull (Rdc open, SS 0.01u, Rt 28K, -> 100uH pri, 2 secondaries, 1) dual 156u, 100V schottkeys, 20uH, 20uF, 85 Ohm 2) Dual 25uH, 10uH, 20uF, 10 Ohm 1st stage PG to LT3999 UVLO 100K pull up.