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datecode on LTC4040EUFD#PBF


We have recently received LTC4040EUFD#PBF.

The seller announces a 2013 date code.

On the new version of our board, the component does not seem to work: ( 0V on IGate pin, voltage on PFI slightly lower than expected, 1.2V on fault pin ).

The design of this board is very similar to the old version. (The old version, with an LTC4040EUFD#PBF too, works): Same schematics, same component references, minor routing differences.

So my assumptions are:
- the components we bought are not what we expected.
- there have been changes between the 2013 version and the current version
- minor routing differences prevent the component from working.

As the date code is quite old, I wonder if there are any changes between the 2013 components and the newer component (soldered onto our old component). Both components are LTC4040EUFD#PBF.

The markings on the 2013 component are:


On our old board (the working one), the markings on the components are:


Is there a change in the components between the 2013 version and the current version?

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