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LTC4266 showing huge value in Parametric measurement - voltage


I have configured LTC4266 with Auto pin mode and am able to read voltage and current value when I connect the PD device at the PoE port. voltage and current values are coming properly.
Unfortunately, When I connect the non-PD device on the PoE port at that time, it shows (Registers of LTC4266 IC) current value zero and voltage value around 300V (after conversion). After then I have checked with the hardware whether it supplied the same voltage or not. but it found zero on hardware.
Looks like some garbage value is showing in the voltage parameter register when I connect a non-PD device.
It is showing the correct voltage and current with the PD device. but with a non-PD device, it shows the wrong voltage output. I have checked with port-1 and port-2.

Mukesh Prajapati

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