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LTC7805 over current behavior on LTSpice


The output behavior of LTC7805 by output load type( current source or resistance ) when LTC7805 is operated  for overcurrent with LTspice. 

How do we need to understand this difference?

Please see as follow for details.

-----Back ground----------------------------

Our customer plan to use LTC7805 and confirmed the output behavior of overcurrent with LTspice.

VOUT2 goes 0V when IOUT2 chanes from 10A to 18A.

But VOUT2 is latched for off state (keep 0V) after IOUT2 changing from 18A to 10A.

Please see to attachiment (2022-01-17_LTC7805_10A to 18A_Constant current-1.asc)

We tryed to change  from cuurent source to resistance, run simulation with LTspice.

And we confirmed that the VOUT2 returns normaly(13.7V) after IOUT2 changing 18A to 10A.

Please see to attachiment (2022-01-17_LTC7805_10A to 18A_Resistive load-1.asc)

2022-01-17_LTC7805_10A to 18A_Constant current-1.asc

2022-01-17_LTC7805_10A to 18A_Resistive load-1.asc

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