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Question about LTspice Model parameters for LTC3884


I am designing converter with Vin=12V, Vout=0.9V and Iout=200A (LTC3884+2xLTC3874, 6-phase, based on DC2084A)

I would like model circuit with LTspice. And unfortunately there are no any examples.
Moreover there are lot of internal LTspice parameters for LTC3884 but without any description.

See screenshot, please.


VIN_ON=5.5 VIN_OFF=5 Vout_0=1.6 Vout_1=2.5 Ilim0_range=0 Ilim1_range=0 OC_limit0=1 OC_limit1=1 Mode_ll=2 Fault_response=0 Retry_delay=.1m gm0=3m gm1=3m Rth0=5K Rth1=5K LowDcr=1


Freq=500K PHs_0=0 PHs_1=180 Ton0_delay=.3m Ton0_rise=.5m Ton1_delay=.3m Ton1_rise=.5m Toff0_delay=.2m Toff0_fall=.3m Toff1_delay=.2m Toff1_fall=.3m Vout0_range=0 Vout1_range=0 Sync=0

Some of parameters are understandable... some - not.
I would like to have description for all parameters for properly understanding and designing my circuit.



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