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ADP5360 High Current Drain in PWM Mode


We designed a board that is powered by ADP5360 PMIC. The chip seems to be working as expected, by default the VOUT1 is turned on (Buck), while the VOUT2 (Buck Boost) is off. We can regulate the buck output voltage, enable/disable charging, enable/disable fuel gauge etc. and these seem to be not draining too much current, however we noticed a very large drain whenever the buck works in PWM mode. Usually, including the MCU in BLE mode and PMIC together (buck in hysterisis mode) the system uses 50uA on average (MCU uses pretty much all 50uA..), however when I turn the buck PWM mode, the current drain increases to 4.56mA. This seems to be a bit excessive in my opinion and I wanted to find out if that is meant to happen or there are some issues with my circuit.

For our setup we use CBMF1608T4R7M 4.7uH inductors and GRM155R60J106ME15D 10uF capacitors.