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LTM4678 - VOUT and VTRIM configurations


I'm currently working on the project that LTM4678 will be used for buck conversion from 12V to 0.95V and 1.8V.

Here is the design scenario that I'm planning. 

  • LTM4678 12Vin >>> 1.8Vout 100A. The Vout0 and Vout1 are tied together.
    • Rout0/1_cfg = 3.17kohms. (6.34k/2) >>> 1.9V 
    • Rtrim0/1 = 0 ohms. >>> -0.099V
    • So, Vout should be 1.9V-0.099V = 1.8010V
  • LTM4678 12Vin >>> 0.95Vout 100A The Vout0 and Vout1 are tied together.
    • Rout0/1_cfg = 825ohms. (1.65k/2) >>> 0.9V 
    • Rtrim0/1 = 12.7kohms. (at each pin) >>> 0.0495V
    • So, Vout should be 0.9V+0.0495V = 0.9495V
  • Could you please advise if the configuration is ok?
  • In case of Rtrim of VOUt 0.95V , Can I tie Vtrim0 and Vtrim1 together and connect with a 6.35kohm (12.7k/2) instead?


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  • Hi ron.p

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    I just have one more questions. In case that we connect both output channels of LTM4678. The datasheet said that we can connect VOUT0/1CFG pin together and use only one strap resister that its value divided by 2.

    Can we apply the same concept (strap resister value divided by 2) on the VTRIM0/1CFG pins too?