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ADP5360 eval not working: The VI is not executable

I'm trying to connect to the ADP5360 demo board using the USB-SDP-CABLEZ but am getting the following error when starting the software:

"The VI is not executable. The full development version of LabVIEW is required to fix the errors."

I followed the ADP5360CB-EVALZ User Guide (UG-1571) to setup the software. I installed the LabVIEW runtime 32 bit. The installer for the ADP5360 GUI didn't install the SDP drivers, so I downloaded and installed the SPD USB Drivers from this page: After that the device shows up in device manager with driver version, but I still get the same error when starting the ADP5360 demo GUI. I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but I am on a Windows 11 system. I'm looking for some help to get the GUI connecting to the eval board.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the ADP GUI as well as the SDP drivers with no luck.

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