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LTC4079 About the condition of charging end (stop) and the /CHRG pin behavior at that time

I have two questions about LTC4079.
Please give me an answer.

During the experiment, the LTC4079 had finished charging.
The cause is that energy harvesting is used for the input, so it is possible that there is a power shortage, but we are verifying the operation of the LTC4079 when it is stopped.

I think there are two triggers at the end of charging of the LTC4079: "the charging current should be below the C / 10 threshold" and "use the timer pin".

(There are three factors for the decrease in charging current: "input voltage regulation", "differential regulation", and "temperature regulation")

This time, I think that charging was completed due to the first "charging current is below the C / 10 threshold".
Please tell me the behavior of the / CHRG pin at that time.
In the actual measurement, the / CHRG pin remains "Low", indicating that it is charging.
Charging will stop and the / CHRG pin will continue to indicate "Low(charging)" over time.
Is this normal?

Is there any time restriction on the LTC4079 even if the timer function (timer pin = GND) is not used?
(For example, "Charging always stops once every 5 minutes", "No matter how small the charging current is, it works for 5 minutes from EN = ON", "Charging below the C / 10 threshold for 5 minutes from EN = ON" The charging end is invalid ", etc.)

In my experiment, it operates with a charging current of C / 10 or less from the beginning (the charging current is small because the energy harvesting power is small), but charging is not stopped for the first few minutes. It works for some reason without.

I want to know the reason.

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