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LTC3114-1 evaluation board SCP-LTC3114-1-EVALZ

On the evaluation board for the LTC3114 Diode D2 connects to SW2 on the IC, What does it do, and under what conditions is it needed? We are supplying  12V at 1amp from 9 to 30V input to external customer supplied devices, these may have there own input capacitance will that effect the circuit stability?

  • Hi Steve,

    I strongly recommend to remove D2 if your board has this. This part should be DNI (Do not install) as this should only a provision for some applications and with bad layout. For 12V output application, D1 should also be removed. D1 should be only their for ~5V output application to improve efficiency of the converter. Additional Capacitance should not be a problem for the circuit stability.

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